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Review Cobra King RadSpeed Driver 2021
€479,00 €349,00
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This matte Cobra King RadSpeed Driver 2021 for the advanced golfer, is powerful, full of feeling, and with adjustable balance. With its lower ball flight, it is a serious percussion weapon with an adjustable loft and Arccos sensor!
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It is no secret that Cobra has made great leaps at a technical level in recent years. The ambitious top brand in golf aims to make everything in the sport more fun, easier, and more powerful. The 2021 Cobra King RadSpeed Driver is the top model in the collection with maximum power and considerable forgiveness. With a minimal spin-rate and a somewhat lower ball flight, this type is intended for the target group of (somewhat) advanced golfers. Powerful, easily adjustable in loft, and balance... 

The technique


The product name 'RadSpeed' is derived from 'Radial Weighting'. This is the latest Cobra innovation to create the perfect balance between ultra-low spin, radical ball speed, and extreme forgiveness. In Radial Weighting, Cobra distributes the weight in the head in such a way that the speed, forgiveness, and direction of flight are optimized. By increasing the distance between the front and rear weights, Radial (RAD) Weighting thus increases ball speed and forgiveness. The aim of the whole project is more stability, even with balls that are not hit cleanly. 
In addition to 'Radial Weighting', Cobra has optimized the successful previous developments for 2021. An enormous sweet spot, an extremely low center of gravity due to a super light crown (top)... Everything onboard has been optimized to make it as fine as possible. Very well done, especially in this powerful RadSpeed version for lower HCP golfers!

Three versions: RadSpeed, RadSpeed XB, and RadSpeed XD

All three are great, but which version is ideal for you? With the RadSpeed the weight at the back of the head can be moved, unlike with the RadSpeed XB and XD version. This allows you to shift the focus of the RadSpeed from maximum forgiveness (weight at the back) to maximum distance (weight at the front). With the XD version the basis is the same but the balance/weight distribution has a Draw-setting which makes it easier to hit a Draw (nice and safe) or suppress a Slice. Straightening becomes easier. The ball flight with the RadSpeed is a bit lower (and therefore further) than with the XB and XD versions.

Loft adjustability... very handy!

The loft of these 2021 King RadSpeed drivers is adjustable with Cobra's MyFly technique over a distance of 3 degrees. This makes it easy to adjust the height of your ball flight to what is optimal for your swing. Easy to do with the included Torx adjustment key. 

Cobra Connect: integrated Arccos Sensor with App

A very handy gadget in these models is the Arccos sensor which is integrated into the back of the grip. This allows you to wirelessly pair the driver with your smartphone and via the Arccos app (3 months free trial period). This tool generates data about your performance and skills and makes improving your disability easier. With integrated info on 40,000 international golf courses, your driver knows the way everywhere, thanks to the GPS in your smartphone. Very handy!

Standard version

In this version, these Cobra King RadSpeed drivers come standard with Fujikura Motore X-series graphite shafts and Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect grips. 
Fitting options: Feel free to call GolfDriver customer service (Tel.: 085-0602099) for personal advice or to discuss specific wishes.

Gender Mens
Quality standard 91
Game improving 94
Innovation level 90
Value for money 89
Total score 92
Suitable for HCP 10 - 36
Headcover Including original head cover
Adjustable loft Yes
Shaft Fujikura Motore F-Series graphite shaft
Colour Black Yellow
Warranty This product has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Other Movable weights for balance adjustment