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Review PXG 0311XF Gen5 Driver
€529,00 €399,00
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The PXG 0311 Gen5 Driver in this XF version is the most forgiving Gen5 driver. This consistent driver has top specifications and an impressive level of finishing. Adjustable in loft but also in balance with Precision Weighting Technology.
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The high-profile story of PXG, in which Bob Parsons expressed his ambition in 2013 to make the best golf clubs in the world without saving money in any area, is notorious. And it looks like he succeeded, too. With revolutionary technology and maximum build quality, thanks in part to this forgiving 0311XF Generation 5 Driver, PXG has become a distinctive brand without compromise.
This 0311XF Gen5, unlike the 0311 Gen5 version, is the model with highest forgiveness and also the slightly higher, more predictable ball flight. Certainly also with little spin but just a bit more suitable for golfers who want to lean on the consistency of their driver. The distinctive Tungsten weights in the clubhead are responsible for the fine balance in these drivers. There is also an easy-to-handle loft adjustability on board to adjust your PXG driver over a 3-degree trajectory. So it can be fine-tuned and to suit your needs. Nice complete all-rounder with lots of power!

Icon GolfDriver.nlThe technique

PXG has been able to invest to the maximum in quality and innovative technology. The highest quality materials and a sublime finish make these clubs look distinctive. First of all, it is clear that the Titanium body and matte Carbon crown in these drivers make things light, sturdy, stable and at the same time very beautiful. Several Tungsten Weights with Xtreme Parameter Weighting additionally make sure the club is ideally balanced. Like many other modern drivers, loft adjustability over a range of +1.5 to -1.5 degree, is present to match the ball flight to your preference and playing characteristics. The 460cc clubhead features an HS Ti 412 Titanium face/clubface with a huge sweetspot.
These Gen5 drivers also have little to fault on the finish. This definitely gives the brand a top-quality feel. If you are looking for an affordable, forgiving A-brand driver with power and a nice exuberant design, PXG Gen5 is definitely worth considering!

Icon GolfDriver.nlStandard version

This PXG 0311XF Gen5 driver 2023 comes standard with Mitsubishi Tensei RAW Blue 55 graphite shaft and PXG/Lamkin Z5 Standard grip.
Fitting options: Please feel free to call customer service (Tel: +31 (0)85-0602099) for personal advice or to discuss specific requirements.


Gender Mens
Quality standard 92
Game improving 93
Innovation level 92
Value for money 91
Total score 92
Suitable for HCP 0 - 36
Headcover Original headcover included
Adjustable loft Yes
Shaft Mitsubishi Tensei Blue RAW 65 Shaft
Colour Black
Warranty This product has 1 year manufacturer's warranty
Other Head cover included, wrench included