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These are the SALE hybrid golf club deals.

Whether you call it a hybrid club or a rescue club doesn't matter anymore (is the same) but these are the remnants of the flared collections. Brand new in plastic and with full warranty, of reliable A-brand quality and with plenty of manufacturer's warranties (12 or 24 months depending on manufacturer). Make your move but pay attention because these stocks are limited!

Mizuno CLK Ladies Hybride Club 2020
With these 2nd generation CLK women's hybrids, Mizuno has launched a super all-rounder for all levels. A new, more aggressive MAS1C Maraging clubface and improved 'Amplified Wave Sole' technique for a better sounding, more aggressive club.
€299,00 €199,00
In stock
Mizuno ST 200X Hybride Club 2020
Forgiveness, control and a higher, more predictable ball flight; the beautiful Mizuno ST 200X Hybrid clubs deliver that combination of features. Powerful technology in a beautiful design housing. Perfect for all HCP golfers.
€259,00 €189,00
In stock
Wilson Staff D7 Ladies Hybride Club 2019
Equipped with the new Re-Akt innovation, the Wilson Staff D7 Ladies Hybrid 2019 brings more control and even more forgivingness. Smart, universal all-rounder that should be in every ladies' bag.
€219,00 €125,00
In stock