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Review Wilson Ultra XD 14-Piece Golf Set (graphite shaft)
€479,00 €309,00
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Wilson has been the market leader in the start-up segment for years. Rightly so, because this complete Wilson Ultra XD golf set with graphite shafts is very forgiving and it has all the features you need to learn to play golf cheaply and quickly.
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Wilson has not only been a resounding name in tennis for years, but also in golf this A-brand has long been the market leader with its starter sets. With the Ultra XD sets (technically the same as the X31 sets but with a slightly nicer finish) all the features are integrated to get to know golf economically and quickly master the most important skills. For this segment, the quality and finish of these Wilson Ultra XD golf sets with graphite shafts are particularly attractive. The golf bag is made of more beautifully finished materials compared to previous model years and the comparable Wilson X31 sets.

Icon GolfDriver.nlMaximum technical support to learn golf fast

With this new, further developed 2020 version, Wilson surpasses the previous versions in terms of both features and finish. The clubs have further improved features that perfectly meet the needs of novice to slightly advanced golfers. All types of clubs are made to be as forgiving as possible. As a result, if you have not hit your ball completely in the centre of the club, it will still retain its intended direction and length reasonably well. This is because the weight in the driver, fairway wood and hybrid is placed low and far in the back of the head. The irons have a huge sweet spot or the 'oversized' clubheads and the centre of gravity has been kept as low as possible in order to get the ball into the air easily.


Icon GolfDriver.nlIrons with graphite or steel shafts?

The irons in these Ultra XD sets in latest version are available with graphite shaft or steel shaft. If you prefer as light clubs as possible and hate the violent vibration on your hands when you don't get completely clean, then graphite shafts are perfect for you. If you like to handle heavier, more feedback clubs, then irons with a steel shaft are optimal. A matter of preference...

Icon GolfDriver.nlSet contents

These 14-piece men's sets consist of 10 golf clubs, 3 headcovers and a stand bag:

  • Driver - 460cc - 10° loft
  • Fairway wood 3 - 15° loft
  • Hybrid club 5 - 25° loft
  • Irons 6,7,8,9
  • Pitching wedge (PW) and Sandwedge (SW)
  • Classic design 'Blade' putter with stem shaft, 34 inch
  • 3 pieces headcovers (driver, fairway wood, hybrid club)
  • Lightweight stand bag with carrying strap
  • Matching rain hood

Icon GolfDriver.nlWhat versions are there?

First of all, the Ultra XD set comes in a ladies' and a men's version. Ladies clubs are slightly shorter and all clubs (except the putter) are equipped with light graphite shafts. For men you can choose a set with graphite shaft irons or steel shaft irons (see above). Wilson also makes these Ultra XD sets in standard length and in a +1 inch version. 

Icon GolfDriver.nlPrice versus quality

The quality of these Wilson men's golf sets is remarkably good for this price segment. However, you remain realistic because you understand that in the higher segment the quality level of the materials, the finish and the technical properties are higher. However, the perfect price/quality ratio is ideal for starters who do not want to spend too much on an A-brand golf set with reliable guarantees.

Icon GolfDriver.nlAdjustments / Clubfitting possible?

In this price segment, clubs cannot be adapted / fixed. These boxed sets are standard delivered in a fixed composition and the clubs are equipped with regular flex graphite shafts and Wilson standard grips. The specifications are aimed at the widest possible target group. For starting golfers, small differences in club length or grip thickness are not so important. In the beginning, you don't have to be in the same position ('stand') behind the ball every time you hit it.  Only when you often play golf, gain more experience and develop a fixed 'stand' and swing can club fitting become more important.

Gender Men
Colour Black
Number of clubs 10
Bag type Standbag
Total score 83
Innovation level 80
Value for money 88
Quality standard 80
Game improving 85
Suitable for HCP 20 - 54
Shaft Irons have a graphite shaft, 'woods' a Wilson Firestick graphite shaft
Headcover Including 3 headcovers (woods)
Other -
Warranty This product has 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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