Weekend bags / pencilbags on GolfDriver

This is the product range of weekend or pencil golf bags. If you are not allowed to take the trolley into the course in the winter, this is ideal: carry a light bag for (part of) your golf clubs. They come with and without a folding base in different bran

On holiday or on a cold winter golf course where you are not allowed to ride a trolley, it is preferable not to carry a large, heavy golf bag. No, then you choose to use a compact 'golf bag', also known as a weekend bag, which is very light and easy to handle. 

FastFold Performance Sunday Bag - Black
This FastFold Performance Sundaybag is very compact, ideal for moments when you want to go on the track as light as possible. Handy for a visit to the driving range or a practice round of golf. This sundaybag is not a stand bag!
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