Sustainability has been a hot topic within GolfDriver Europe BV for many years. As an E-commerce company, we feel it is our responsibility to constantly review our business processes with an eye to the environment in search of improvement and greening. Here you can read what we consider to be the most important points that ensure minimum impact on our environment.

E-commerce versus fysical shops duurzame verpakking

E-commerce involves customers purchasing products online in our online shop instead of in a physical shop showroom. In itself, it prevents a lot of CO2 emissions if customers, therefore, do not have to drive back and forth to a physical golf shop location. Of course, a parcel service does deliver orders, but because of the efficiency and bundling of many packages in one delivery route, on balance, the pollution is much less. 

Packaging and recycling of waste

Of course, packing your order remains essential to ensure that the products you order are properly protected and delivered to you in perfect condition. That is why at we choose sturdy but durable packaging materials that can be sized to match the dimensions of your ordered product(s). This way, less 'empty space' is shipped, there is less waste of packaging material and ultimately more parcels fit in a delivery van. Our cardboard shipping boxes are manufactured sustainably and are made of 70% recycled material. As for plastics, we use 100% recycled plastic airbags to protect your ordered product even better during Rycycle

As one of the largest suppliers of corrugated material in the Netherlands, we receive many deliveries on pallets in cardboard boxes from our suppliers. We reuse these packaging materials as much as possible during our own shipments. However, this makes sense as long as the quality of the packaging is still good. If this is not the case, boxes are filled with cardboard remnants. Our own packaging is already designed in such a way that materials can be reused without impacting their applications. After all, cardboard that really cannot be reused is separated for recycling. A large waste stream is certainly out of the question at 

Shipping via parcel service

Shipping parcels is approached very critically at our webshop when it comes to the environment. We have therefore chosen to work with parcel service DPD, which guarantees CO2-neutral delivery at no extra cost to you. Without you even realising it, you are ordering your golf equipment from in a sustainable way. When it comes to limiting return shipments, and therefore the number of traffic movements, we also ensure that you order the right product with very comprehensive product information and expert advice. This reduces the chance of the ordered product being disappointing and having to be returned. The better our online information, the fewer returned orders and therefore fewer trucks on the road.

Energy and global warming can contribute to the environment in many more ways than just paying attention to packaging and shipping. For example, our premises will be fitted with many solar panels and a huge heat pump installation to allow us to run an energy-neutral business. All in all, we think everyone should care a little bit about our world. Awareness is necessary!