Welcome to the GolfDriver.nl Loyalty Savings Program!

As you know, customers are our top priority! So we not only provide a lot of stock and fast shipping. But to spoil you even more, you also automatically earn points with every order you make. Isn't that a nice bonus? You can use these points for an extra discount on your order, exclusive Loyalty promotions and much more!

How do I save points? 

That is the best part! You don't have to do anything! You automatically earn points with every order. Every euro you spend with us equals 1 point. If you already have an account with us or if you want to know if you have already saved points with previous orders, you can view them in your account. There are also special promotions where you receive more points when purchasing specific products.

How do I use my points? 

With each order, you have the option of spending your saved points or saving them for later use. You can use your points in one of the following ways:

  • You can redeem your points with every order for a discount on the purchase price.
  • You can receive a free item by redeeming a certain number of points.
  • Special offers such as "when redeeming 500 points, you receive a 50% discount on the selected item".

V.I.P. Customers

If you often see yourself on our site, we will put you in the spotlight. We will give you the opportunity to save double points with every order you make! When you have saved more than 2000 points your account will be converted into a V.I.P. account. From that moment on, the newly saved points will be doubled by us. This allows you to enjoy even more discounts and take advantage of exclusive V.I.P. promotions.

Are you curious about all the possibilities of our savings program? Ask our friendly customer service via chat, mail or phone! We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.