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These are the SALE hybrid golf club deals.

Whether you call it a hybrid club or a rescue club doesn't matter anymore (is the same) but these are the remnants of the flared collections. Brand new in plastic and with full warranty, of reliable A-brand quality and with plenty of manufacturer's warranties (12 or 24 months depending on manufacturer). Make your move but pay attention because these stocks are limited!

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Callaway Reva Black Ladies Hybrid (graphite shaft)
Callaway's Reva Black Ladies hybrid clubs, normally part of the Reva Black 'Boxed Golf Sets', make it easier to hit your ball out of the high grass and 'attack' the flag with a high ball flight. Beautiful, chic design!
€229,00 €179,00
In stock
Cobra King LTDx Ladies Hybrid 2022
The Cobra King LTDx Ladies Hybrid Club 2022 gives you a versatile, powerful rescue club that is suitable for golfers at every level. Maximum forgiveness and more power through PWR-COR and PWRSHELL Technology and H.O.T. Face Design.
€249,00 €149,00
In stock
Cobra King RadSpeed Ladies Hybrid 2021
It doesn't get more versatile than these Cobra King RadSpeed Ladies Hybrid clubs. This all-rounder is powerful, forgiving, and delivers maximum playability and control, even from outside the fairway. V.v. Arccos Sensor.
€249,00 €139,00
In stock
Mizuno ST-X 220 Ladies Hybrid
From the '22 collection of Mizuno, this is the easy-to-handle Mizuno ST-X 220 Ladies hybrid. Ideal as a replacement for difficult to play long irons, this forgiving all-rounder combines great power with a high, predictable ball flight.
€259,00 €169,00
In stock
TaylorMade RBZ SpeedLite Ladies Hybrid
TaylorMade has, besides the premium golfclub series like Sim2, also more basic versions. This RBZ SpeedLite Hybrid is such a club, made for their complete 'boxed' golf sets. Inexpensive but powerful and made in beautiful TaylorMade quality.
€209,00 €149,00
In stock
Wilson Launch Pad 2 Ladies Hybrid 2022
Wilson has combined the ideal balance with a perfect loft-length ratio for even better playability in these Wilson Launch Pad 2 Ladies Hybrids. These hybrid clubs are built with featherlight components for maximum speed and forgiveness.
€180,00 €129,00
In stock
Wilson ProStaff SGi Ladies Hybrid
The women's hybrid from this Wilson ProStaff SGi series makes it easier to hit a high, predictable ball. Full of features aimed at making golf easier. With light but strong titanium details.
€129,00 €75,00
In stock
Wilson Staff D9 Ladies Hybrid Club 2021
These 2021 Wilson Staff D9 ladies hybrid clubs feature Variable Face Technology in the face. Together with the Progressive Head Shape, they deliver even more ball speed across the entire clubface. This smart, forgiving all-rounder.
€229,00 €129,00
In stock