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Here you will find golf gloves for junior golfers, varying in size and quality. Make sure that the glove is not too loose, which will cause blisters and a faster wearing glove. Watch out... A right-handed golfer wears the golf glove on his left hand!

Also junior golfers should wear a golf glove for more grip and thus more control over the strokes but also for less blisters. A right-handed golfer should wear a golf glove on his left hand and vice versa. Fit is extremely important, also with children. A golf glove should fit well and be a little tight, but not too tight. Important to lay a good foundation for golf.

TaylorMade Stratus Junior Golf Glove 2021 (For Right Handed Golfers)
This multi-material Junior golf glove is designed to provide maximum grip in hot and humid conditions. Strategically placed micro-perforations improve breathability and performance.
€17,50 €13,75
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Wilson Junior Golf Glove - Black Red (For Right-Handed Golfers)
Specially designed Junior glove with a great fit, grip, feel and durability. Made of advanced microfibre synthetic material for a fine fit and performance in all weather conditions.
€15,95 €9,95
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Wilson Junior Golf Glove Fit All (For Right-Handed Golfers)
The new Wilson Staff Fit-All has been uniquely constructed from a soft microfiber synthetic combined with an anti-microbial cooling mesh, allowing the glove to fit the hand size S to XL.
€15,95 €13,95
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