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Here you will find the useful Golf Sensor Systems on Through sensors on the back of your golf clubs, information is collected about your game. Via your smartphone, you can view the data on your computer.

How convenient is that! Attach these Smart Sensors to the back of your golf clubs and the data generated will teach you how to play and where the opportunities lie to significantly improve your handicap. Based on your own strokes, the average stroke distance is calculated for each club so you know exactly what you are capable of. Also handy matters come to light like swing speed, average number of puts, number of 'drives in regulation', you name it... The sensors communicate via Blue Tooth with your smartphone, which uses its GPS function to determine where you are on the golf course. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the system before you take it out on the course. This prevents distraction and frustration.

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Garmin Approach CT10 - Set With 14 Sensors
Super handy! Analyze your strokes and improve your game with the Approach CT10 golf club tracker. Sensors that automatically track each stroke of each club - even your putts. Per set of 14 sensors for the back of your clubs with the Garmin App.
€349,00 €239,00
In stock
Arccos GolfPride MCC Plus 4 Standard Grips + Caddie Smart III Sensors (14 Pieces)
In these GolfPride MCC Plus 4 grips the 3rd generation Arccos sensors are integrated. Together with the Caddie Smart App you can generate data to analyse and improve your golf game even better. Set: 13 sensor grips + 1 separate sensor for your putter.
€319,00 €199,00
In stock
Arccos Smart Gen3+ Sensors 2022 (Set 14 Pieces)
Improve your handicap with the latest Arccos Smart Gen3+ sensors 2022. You can attach them to the back of your golf clubs to generate data on your game and skills together with the Arccos Caddie Smart App (free download). Annual subscription included.
€249,00 €199,00
In stock
Arccos Link Gen2
The Arccos Link Gen2 makes it possible to read data from the Arccos Sensors even better without your smartphone in your pocket. Besides a slim design and better clip, this Link Gen2 has advanced microphone improvements with GORE® protection.
€199,00 €149,00
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