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As left-handed golfers are quite a minority (less than 4% of the market) they have less choice when looking for new golf clubs. At we try to keep a good selection of left-handed clubs in stock.

The left-handed A-brand driver of your choice can sometimes be hard to find. However, almost all premium golf brands do make left-handed golf clubs but often in much smaller quantities than the right-handed version. Luckily we have quite a lot of choice in brands like TaylorMade, Cobra, Mizuno and Wilson.

Cobra AeroJet LS Driver 2023 - MCA Kai'Li Blue 60 Shaft - LEFT
For better golfers, this Cobra AeroJet LS Driver is the most aggressive from the 2023 collection. The new PWR-Bridge with added weight up front ensure a lower ball flight. Powerful innovations such as Carbon crown and sole make this driver top notch!
€579,00 €389,00
In stock
Spalding True Black Driver - LEFT
This forgiving Spalding True Black driver is ideal for a starting golfer. The driver is good value for money and is neatly finished. The clubhead is made of a light but strong Alloy steel-alloy.
€129,00 €79,00
In stock
TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver 2023 - Ventus Red TR5 Shaft - LEFT
After the huge success of last season, this is the LEFT-handed, loft-adjustable TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver 2023 with the Carbon Reinforced Composite Ring where the 100% Carbon face is even more powerful and offers more forgiveness and stability.
€649,00 €479,00
In stock
Wilson Launch Pad 2 Driver 2022 - LEFT
Wilson has given the first version a successful update with this LEFT-handed Wilson LaunchPad-2 Driver 2022 for men. The result is a more powerful, maximally forgiving driver that suppresses your slice thanks to a lightweight, offset design.
€349,00 €189,00
In stock
Wilson Staff DynaPower Ti Driver 2023 - LEFT
The remarkably good DynaPower innovations provide positive surprises with the introduction of the Wilson Staff DynaPower Ti Driver 2023. This Premium driver delivers plenty of power and forgiveness, even in this slightly more affordable LEFT-hand Titanium
€400,00 €349,00
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