The market for golf clubs has grown about 10 times over in the last 20 years. Golf has grown enormously as a sport and has become an industry that involves a lot of money. Unfortunately, this market also attracts people who want to abuse it illegally. Golf has become 'big business' for crooks and, in parallel with the innovative innovations of the various manufacturers of golf clubs, a huge market has emerged in copied golf clubs. Cleverly copied clubs that look almost identical to their original but of course do not have the advanced innovations.

Counterfeited clubs, how about it?

No less than 95% of the copied 'counterfeited clubs' (counterfeit clubs freely translated) are illegally produced in Asia and unfortunately frequently sold on the European and American markets. Especially via online channels such as, Amazon and Ebay, but also via Marktplaats, one regularly 'finds' victims in the Netherlands.

As a buyer it remains a difficult phenomenon to recognise, especially because the techniques for making beautiful copies are becoming more and more advanced. Unsuspecting buyers think they have struck the blow of their lives by buying a new A-brand golf club for a shot. In practice it turns out to be a great disappointment. The leading golf manufacturers spend millions on the technical development of golf equipment while all this knowledge and experience is lacking in counterfeit golf clubs. 

Funny but the instructive YouTube vlogs below where one of the most famous reviewers of new golf clubs Rick Shields deliberately purchased a copied TaylorMade M6 driver (2018) to compare it with the original. The second video exposes the same phenomenon with beautiful copies of Titleist AP2 irons. Very entertaining... watch and learn :-).


Which clubs do and which clubs don't? 

Of all the major top brands, models have been copied and illegally copied. You might think that as a golf fanatic you would immediately recognise such an imitation golf club when it is offered to you. Well, that is not so obvious at all. Indeed, the quality of counterfeit drivers and irons is sometimes optically astonishingly good. Every day many A-brand top clubs go through our hands. For us 'insiders', a counterfeit golf club is usually clearly recognisable.

Fortunately, only a single copy is so beautifully copied that even with the original next to it, it is always difficult for us to discover whether we are dealing with real or copy. Often unsuspecting people become victims and pay hundreds of euros for fakes. Then you are looking very embarrassed when, as a single-handicapper with your new bargain, for example a brand-new TaylorMade M6 driver, you don't swing more than 125 metres when you are used to 250... That can never be the intention. 

How do you prevent the purchase of imitation clubs?

The best tips we can give you is: "use your wits". If the price is much lower than with us at, you can assume that something is seriously wrong. We pay the lowest prices at our suppliers due to the large volume of our purchases. As a result, our selling prices are usually sharper than elsewhere.

At you can in any case assume that ALL clubs are of original manufacture and absolutely no fake, counterfeit golf clubs are sold. If you have any questions about this subject, please feel free to contact us via our customer service.